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Social Learning

Embark on a journey of learning and connection with Partners In Care Maryland, Inc.’s Social Learning Series. Join us for engaging and enlightening workshops led by expert speakers, covering relevant topics such as Bringing Light to a Dark Topic: Ask The Undertaker, Active Assailant Response, Wills & Estates, and Senior Living Options & Resources. These insightful sessions will enrich your life. Be sure to sign up for our next Social Learning event.

Class 1: Wills & Estates

Class 2: Prepare Celebrate & Remember

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Frequently Asked Questions

Social Learning - Frequently Asked Questions

A social learning is an opportunity for PIC to introduce a knowledgeable speaker to members of the organization in a social setting for discussions and engagements on topics of interest for older adults. These topics might include Emergency Preparedness, Assistant Living Locators, Wills and Estates, Preplanning for Celebration of Life, etc… As well as Veterans Events.
The goal is to bring educational information to members and the community on topics geared to older adults.
PIC members have priority; however, non-members can register for any Social Learning of their interest.
Experts in their field and knowledgeable volunteers.