About Partners In Care

Partners In Care Maryland, Inc. (PIC) has been a premier provider of services for older adults since 1993. Founded by three phenomenal women, Barbara Huston, Maureen Cavaiola, and Sandy Jackson, Partners In Care was created to help the parents of adult children remain in their homes independently based on a unique culture of time exchange. Members use their time and talents to “bank” hours. This means that members can volunteer in our Boutiques, work in our offices, drive other members to appointments, make friendly phone calls, and so much more, all while accumulating time for the future. Services are available to older adults age 60+. Since its inception, Partners In Care has expanded to include guaranteed services that are provided for a fee. These are available for older adults that prefer enhanced support for their living independence.

Our Mission

Exchanging Time, Creating Community

Partners In Care is a private non-profit, 501(c) (3) organization offering programs and services that support the independence of older adults age 60-years-old and older in our communities. We accomplish this through a unique culture of service exchange where members volunteer their time and talents to help each other with neighborly services such as transportation, handyman repairs, person-centered support, and social engagement. In exchange, members ask for assistance when needed.

Our Vision

Making a Difference

We are an organization that provides the opportunity for all generations to support the independence of older adults, empowering them to be an active part of the community while aging in place. Through our collective efforts, we will meet the growing needs and build financial sustainability.