Maryland Community for Life

Partners In Care has partnered with Maryland Community For Life (CFL) in order to offer guaranteed services to older adults. Members pay a monthly fee for a designated amount of transportation, home maintenance, social engagement, wellness classes, and more. CFL is for older adults who want to pay for guaranteed services.

We support you aging in place through guaranteed transportation, home maintenance, advocacy, social engagement, and unlimited service navigation.

Community For Life is designed to help you enjoy your independence, in your own home, for years to come!

  • Home maintenance will help you cross items off the “honey-do” list or find the right
    contractor to ensure you aren’t paying too much.
  • Transportation provides door through door, round trip transportation to medical appointments, pharmacy, grocery stores, and to run errands.
  • Get a FREE in-home assessment to determine the safety risks in your home.

Member Requirements:
All members must be 60 years or older & be residents of the Counties we serve in Maryland. There are no health or income qualifications for the programs. All members must be mobile and able to advocate for themselves.

**If any minimum requirements change during your membership, we reserve the right to cancel.

  • Monthly fee: $216 a month. 
  • Your membership includes 8 hours of service per month. A combination of up to six (6) hours of transportation or 2-3 rides, up to two (2) hours of home maintenance and repair, and unlimited service navigation.
  • Ask about a $50/month credit.
  • Additional hours can be purchased at the discretion of the program. 

Basic Maintenance & Home Repair

We help you cross off the items on your “honey-do” list such as changing light bulbs, repairing leaky faucets, installation of grab bars, and more. For larger projects, referrals to vetted contractors and review of contracts.


Door-through-door, round trip transportation to non-emergency medical appointments, pharmacies, salons, grocery stores, social events, and to run errands.

- Non-emergency medical appointments and the pharmacy
- Salon or barber shop
- Grocery store, bank, post office
- Social events and outings

Service Navigators

CFL Service Navigators help you be an active part of your community by connecting you to community activities and events. Services include:

- Friendly phone calls
- Friendly visits
- Help with completing paperwork
- Navigate government agencies