Meet Our Team

Anne Arundel

Mandy Arnold, JD, MBA, MHA
CEO & President
Michael Jette
Deputy Director
Sharon Smith
Director of Transportation
Matt Jermann
Mobility Manager
Steve Weakland
Mobility Assistant Manager
Sharon Zentgraf
Director of Member Care
Diana Pechous
Member Care Assistant
Derek Roper
Communications Specialist
Anna Erickson
Pasadena Boutique Manager
Paul Loomis
Pasadena Boutique Assistant Manager
Denise Fiorini
Shift Supervisor
Robert Candella
IT Manager
Terri Riddle
Finance Manager
April Stup
Volunteer Coordinator
Valry Fetrow
Grants Manager
Brian Balicki
Grants Manager
Heather Bobbitt
HR Specialist
Anner Jennings
Jackie Mastin
Member Care Assistant
Makayla Alicea
Data Care Project Manager
Cameo White
CFL Navigator


Bud Otis
Business Development Director
Hongwei Xu
Frederick Site Director
Antonio Bowens 
Frederick Boutique Manager


Linda Prochaska
Mid-Shore Site Director
J. Lynne Dixon
Mid-Shore CFL Navigator
Marilou Russ Programs Coordinator
Marilou Russ
Programs Coordinator


Kerry Fair
Deputy Director, Community for Life
Jessica Bittner
CFL Navigator