Testimonials From Our CFL Members

"Mr. R. recently shared that, for transportation alone, he was paying over $200 a month for only a couple of rides through Uber, and this was after doing research to find "off" hours and better routes in order to save money."
Mrs. U. needed assistance with waterproofing her basement. She turned to her CFL Service Navigator, who provided a list of Partners In Care's vetted contractors and review of the contract to prevent being taken advantage of. This gave Mrs. U a peace of mind.
Mrs. E. wanted to downsize and move to an independent community but was overwhelmed with trying to determine which community was right for her. Her Service Navigator, with her, researched communities that met her needs. Mrs. E. is now happy, comfortable, and still relying on CFL services.
After experiencing a loss, Mrs. A's family addressed her isolation and depression by referring her to CFL, where she is happy to be part of PIC's extended family. She loves having her Service Navigator to call or visit with questions that helps calm her nerves as well as having a compassionate driver to take her where she needs to go.