Yes, it’s me, Mandy missing all my hugs, kisses, and smiles from Everyone of you.  You are constantly on our minds.

I know that you are passionate about the success of PIC. So, I am asking each and every one of you to join in on the new “Monthly Campaign” to supporting PIC. Especially, during these terrifying times.

I am asking you to join in on the monthly “Recurring Donation” Campaign. We are working to convert annual donors to monthly donors.

The reoccurring format is known to be the smartest, and easiest on the donor. It is a very easy setup process, three easy steps,

takes little effort and you are part of the recurring club!!

No more stamps and writing checks.

How about it.  Go to the Donate Now Link and select the County you want to support, Select the top box to become a recurring donor, select the monthly amount you can afford, (Every little bit helps) and submit to complete the process.

“It’s the # of participants that matter”

and you are on your way to MAKING A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE for PIC and the ability for us to continue our Mission by Serving The Olde Adults of our Communities.

Thank you so much in advance for making this campaign a success.

Partners In Care can ALWAYS count on you!!

Stay Safe and Well!!

Hugs and Kisses from me, Mandy! :o)