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As the senior population strives to stay independent, they are increasingly exposed to a variety of threats, especially to their privacy. Being active in their family and community can make them targets of ID theft, abuse of their personal information and many types of scams. At PIC, we are trying to help seniors understand how their privacy and personal data can be compromised by social media, smartphones and mobile devices and, more importantly, how they can protect themselves. This is not technology training, it’s not cybersecurity education … this is individual empowerment to protect their own privacy and personal data. As with all our services, we strive to be welcoming, dignifying, and accessible to our seniors and those that care about them.

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Data Care is...

A common sense approach to protecting our own personal information that belongs to each of us as individuals. 

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Social Security Number

Insurance Information

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Doing things right and minimizing the likelihood that we compromise or lose our identity

Computers and the Internet added the widespread accessibility of personal information, and the opportunity for people with evil intent to gain access and create potential harm.